Principal's Message


It is rightly said that there is no short cut to success but it equally admitted that success requires the candid and sincere efforts of his achievers. Success requires to burn mid-night lamps. It is not an overnight achievement. It is the smooth achievement of hours, months and years. History is the witness of successful persons who worked hard for longer periods of their lives; then only they could attain the badge of successful persons in the world. Let’s learn from their lives the quality which leads to success. The foremost quality is that they accept the failures, challenge the failures, become firm from their experience, become more encouraged than discouraged, climb up the ladder day by day instead of getting distressed and depressed …. After all they touch the summit of their ambition. Therefore simple definition of success is NEVER GIVE UP.

Winston Churchill said

Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm .

Therefore , let failure become a burning spirit in us to overcome it with success and be a living witness like many of our inspirers like Noah Webster, Henry Ford, Bill Gates, Albert Einstein, B.R Ambedkar, Mahatma Gandhi, Milkha Singh, Mr. Narender Modi and many many others.